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Helping you do business

We create standard ways for organisations to identify, capture and share information about products, locations, assets and more. These global standards increase efficiency and cut costs — making it easier to for you to do business.

Although creating a successful company is about doing things differently, business runs smoothly when you use the same standards as others. More than a million organisations around the world have built processes, systems and businesses on GS1 standards. We help them share information with suppliers, customers and other partners.

It’s our most recognisable standard. But from retail and transport to healthcare and financial services, we create standards for a wide range of areas.

We’re driven by the interests of our members. No matter what size your organisation, join us to play a role in defining standards that work for you.

Our roots go back to the first barcode, created in 1973. Today, we’re the world’s leader in creating, implementing and maintaining useful business standards.

Global reach, local presence

You’ll find our local offices them in over 100 countries, including Myanmar. Together with our headquarters in Brussels, our presence in so many countries make us a truly global organisation. The Myanmar office should be your first point of contact for any questions.

GS1 in Myanmar

GS1 in Myanmar Established 15 November 2019

Office in Myanmar

5 dedicated staff

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