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Welcome to Activate

Generate barcode numbers and symbols accurately and effortlessly

Activate is a service offered by GS1 to make it easy for you to put a barcode on your products. Whether you’re selling in retail or in other sectors, we provide all you need so you can get your product listed fast. And the faster you list your product, the more you can sell.

With Activate you can:

Get barcode numbers for your products

Barcode numbers (also called GTINs) identify your products uniquely and enable them to be sold anywhere in the world.

Generate barcode symbols

Once you have a barcode number, you can generate the barcode symbol to print on product packaging. We'll also give you advice on how to print and place the barcode so it scans well first time!

Share your product data

The basic product data that you add to GS1 Activate will be made available globally so that retailers and marketplaces can view it.

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