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Activate Support

Getting started

  • To access Activate go to and log in.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Dashboard. From here you can add, view and edit products (My Products).
  • Add your first product. Start with a consumer/base unit. Enter product information such as: name,
    description, weight, size, flavour, colour, a photograph, et cetera. This information helps you identify and manage your product inventory and associated barcodes
  • Continue adding new products and additional packaging options (such as multiple-unit cases) until you complete your current product offerings.
  • Print or save individual product summaries in PDF documents for reference.
  • Generate and download barcode images in a variety of formats.

Add your first product

User guide

For full guidance on how to use Activate, download the Activate User Guide.


If you need additional assistance, contact the Activate support team.


Contact Us:

+95 9 446868002

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